About CSA

Home of the first Drone Aviation Defense System.

Our mission is to save lives and protect aircraft
by preventing drones from flying into aircraft flight paths.

Who We Are

ClearSpace Aeronautics is a market leader in development of security and safety systems for Drone (UAS/UAV), Aviation, Aeronautics and Aerospace. Our patent-pending Drone Aviation Radar™ (DAR™) is the first complete system to prevent drones from colliding with aircraft. DAR™ is built upon our patent-pending Drone Defense System™ core technology suite which includes technologies and products for several vertical markets to protect air, land and sea equipment, structures and people from unauthorized drone intrusions. DAR™ will be ready for market by the end of 2017.

Learn More About DAR™

According to the Department of Transportation, there are currently more than 350,000 registered aircraft and 6,000 aircraft in flight at any given time in U.S. airspace. In 2016, more than two million small drones were sold in the U.S. with 1.2 million sold during the holiday season. So far, only 500,000 people have registered their drones with the FAA. More drones in the air with no way to share airspace safely with aircraft increases the probability of catastrophic collision.

DAR™ fits existing avionics systems and can also be fitted as a stand-alone solution. Recognizing the urgent need to improve aircraft safety, we have launched a KickStarter campaign to complete the DAR™ Eagle App. The App will be made available for free to all aircraft owners to make it easy to specify and order the DAR™ system that fits their aircraft.

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We’re Proud NIAS Teammates!

We’re proud to team up with the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS), one of only seven FAA-certified drone testing facilities in the U.S.

CSA Is in the Fennemore Craig Venture Accelerator

The Fennemore Craig Venture Accelerator Program provides CSA with their invaluable expertise and guidance and legal services to protect our intellectual property and to help us launch.


Peter Whitmarsh, President

Peter Whitmarsh

Founder, Inventor, Chairman, President

Peter invents complete systems and processes that answer, ``Why Not?`` By developing the Drone Aviation Radar™ (DAR™) and the Drone Defense System™ technology suite to be scalable and flexible to be integrated into a wide range of existing infrastructures and the DAR™ technology to be customizable for all aircraft, enables CSA to bring safety and security to the next era of automated air transportation.

Previously, Peter founded Alpha Future Integrated Systems and brought the first laptop with a retail price of less than $1,000 to market, created the AT&T WorldNet® Internet Network and sold his company to AT&T

Peter has invented systems and technologies for set-top boxes, search engines, streaming video and automated online publishing systems. He has also accelerated smartphone GUI and firmware development industry-wide for touch-screen interactivity, animation and apps.

Shana Whitmarsh

Co-Founder, Co-Inventor, Director

Shana simplifies and deconstructs complex problems and systems to facilitate better interaction and engagement for end users. She created the logic, and system interfaces for Drone Aviation Radar™ (DAR™) and co-developed communications protocols, behaviors, processes. She helped to define markets and productize DAR™ and the Drone Defense System™ technology suite.

Shana contributes to product and marketing strategy and is responsible for media communications at CSA. Her expertise includes technical design, development, branding and product design, marketing, e-commerce, interface and user experience programming and design.

Shana has invented unique, unobtrusive online advertising systems. She also designed and developed interfaces for the first automated online newspaper and the first interactive online video magazine for women's surfing.

Richard Jost

Advisor, Business Legal Counsel, Aviation, UAV and UAS Industry Expert

Mr. Jost is an Attorney and Director at Fennemore Craig Law Firm, leading the firm's Practice Group for Aviation, Aerospace and Autonomous Systems. He is an Advisor to the Board and CSA's business Attorney.

Mr. Jost's other practice areas include:

• Business and Finance
• Energy, Telecom and Utilities
• Emerging Businesses and Technologies
• Renewable Energy and Clean Tech

Bruce Dahl

Advisor, Intellectual Property Legal Counsel, Aviation UAV and UAS Industry Expert

Mr. Dahl is a Patent Attorney and Director at Fennemore Craig Law Firm, Chair of the firm's Intellectual Property Practice Group. He manages CSA's intellectual properties. CSA relies upon his considerable intellectual property law expertise to maintain and enforce intellectual property ownership in the U.S. and internationally.

Mr. Dahl's practice areas include:

• Emerging Businesses and Technologies
• Aviation, Aerospace and Autonomous Systems