What Is DAR™?

Imagine a system for aircraft and smart cities that identifies
and tracks small objects, redirecting them to create clear space zones
for aircraft and enabling control for law enforcement and first responders.
DAR™ does it.



Drone Aviation Response System™ (DAR™) allows drones and aircraft to fly safely together.


Drone Aviation Response System™

The only proactive system to keep drones away from aircraft flight paths.


Our Mission: Protecting Aircraft From Collisions With Drones, Saving Lives

Drone Aviation Response System™ (DAR™)

Drone Aviation Response System™ DAR™ is a patent-pending system that fits into aircraft avionics systems to protect aircraft from drones. DAR™ is comprised of hardware, software, firmware and proprietary algorithms that can detect, acquire and remove drones from aircraft flight paths as far as ten miles away to ensure safe, collision-free flight. DAR™ can be customized to fit any aircraft and can integrate into smart city infrastructures for law enforcement and first-responder control and other traffic management systems.

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How Does DAR™ Do It?

Find out how DAR™ does it. Read more about our patent-pending Drone Aviation Response System™.