What Is DAR™?

Imagine a system for aircraft that identifies and tracks small objects,
redirecting them to create clear space zones for aircraft flight paths.
DAR™ does it.



Drone Aviation Radar™ (DAR™) allows drones and aircraft to fly safely together.


Drone Aviation Radar™

The only proactive system to keep drones away from aircraft flight paths.


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A Screenshot of the Future - CSA DAR Eagle App

There are more than 350,000 aircraft registered in the U.S. (D.O.T.) - the race is on to complete the DAR™ Eagle App to make it easy for aircraft owners to get the DAR™ system that's right for their aircraft!


Our Mission: Protecting Aircraft From Collisions With Drones, Saving Lives

Drone Aviation Radar™ (DAR™)

Drone Aviation Radar DAR™ is a patent-pending system that fits into aircraft avionics systems to protect aircraft from drones. DAR™ is comprised of hardware, software, firmware and proprietary algorithms that can detect, acquire and remove drones from aircraft flight paths as far as ten miles away to ensure safe, collision-free flight. DAR™ can be customized to fit any aircraft and can also work via API to integrate into other traffic management systems.

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How Does DAR™ Do It?

Find out how DAR™ does it. Read more about our patent-pending Drone Aviation Radar™.